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Know Your Rights

I had no idea this morning that I would be writing about ESPN, Curt Schilling, social justice and the Constitution today.  Funny how things work out sometimes.  It all started when I looked on my Facebook feed over my coffee this … Continue reading

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Unfriendly Skies

People don’t treat Charlie the same as they did when it was obvious that he was a little boy.  Eleven isn’t grown up, but his outward appearance and carriage don’t say 11.  He is only a few inches shorter than … Continue reading

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Where Does Milk Come From?

Ever have a question that you just don’t have an answer for?  Usually that’s frustrating, right?  I had a question for years that nobody could answer.  It was tricky because I couldn’t tell people if they answered the question correctly, … Continue reading

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Getting back to Sesame Street

Eli didn’t know who The Count is.  He does now, but he didn’t a little while ago.  For like his entire life I have counted for him and added a minimally sinister “Ha Ha Ha!” every few numbers.  Apparently he … Continue reading

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