Learning Curves . . .

Have you ever read or heard something and slapped your forehead and said “Wow . . . that’s what I meant to say!!!”?  My friend and fellow blogger Rebecca Masterson recounts her experiences with her son Jax in her blog ‘Sincerely Becca’.  In her latest blog ‘Monopoly’ she discusses how she realized that her son was capable of so much more than teachers, specialists and even she gave him credit for.

My wife and I feel her completely on this.  Like Jax, our son Charlie struggles in school within the tight academic box that he is kept in.  We have tests and papers that tell us that he struggles in math and reading, but at home he reads ingredient labels on foods and routinely uses complex math formulas to build Lego figures.

Anybody who had a child who struggles in school or faces specific learning issues should not just read this blog entry, they should show it to their child’s teachers and special educators.  They should print it and put on their refrigerator.  They should never lose sight of the fact that we, as parents, are the first and best judges of our childrens’ abilities and potentials.  We see our children outside of the academic box and we know what our children our capable of.  We owe it to them to not get so wrapped up in experts and test results that we lose sight of our children as people.  My son might never be able to consistently do algebra, but every day he demonstrates abilities and skills that he as learned.  We just have learn to recognize these abilities outside of the box.

Please take a moment and read ‘Monopoly’ by Rebecca Masterson.  I encourage you to share it with anybody you know who has children with learning disabilities.


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