Getting in the mood again

Hi, remember me?  I used to write the occasional blog post on this site.  It’s been awhile . . . like really awhile.  I’m not really sure why I stopped.  I guess it was a combination of reasons, but mostly it had to do with just not having a lot to say anymore.

That is common in this game and with this genre.  I still keep up with all my old blogging resources and recently read that a lot of bloggers in the ‘Family’ genre tend to taper off eventually.  There were many reasons listed in the article.  The reason that jumped out at me was that as kids get older they get more aware of the fact that you are sharing things about them on the internet and they aren’t always thrilled about that.  That hit home.

It is a fact that blogging about your family becomes a different game when your kids learn to read and access the internet.  About 18 months ago my middle son, Charlie, got very upset with me for sharing details about his life.  He was upset because in several blogs I referenced the fact that he has a learning disability and struggles with academics.  He wanted to why I thought it was appropriate to share those things.

“Why do you do that?”, he asked.

I thought for a second.  We were driving and I waited until the next stop light to answer.

“Because you are my hero,” I said.  That wasn’t what he was expecting to hear.

“You are my hero,” I repeated.  “School is a struggle for you and you still try.”  I pressed the accelerator and moved through the green light.

“Do you remember when you were having such a hard time with spelling a few years ago?”, I asked.  He nodded.

“You studied and studied and got a 77 on the test.”

He smiled one of those Charlie smiles.  “Yeah, I was pumped.  That was best I ever did on a spelling test.”  He smiled again.  “I danced in the back seat of the car.”

“I wrote a blog post about that,” I told him.

“I think it is important for people to know that school isn’t easy for everybody and sometimes the grade on the paper doesn’t reflect how hard a person works to get that grade,” I explained.  “You have to work twice as hard in some cases for the results that you want . . . but you do it.”

He thought about that for awhile.  He looked at me again.  I figured that was my cue.

“I think people should know that learning is a struggle for some people and that grades don’t always reflect effort.”  We came to another stop light.  “When I talk about your learning disability I try to focus on how hard you work to overcome it . . . and how you kick its ass.”

More Charlie smiles.  A few weeks later Charlie told me that he thought it might be okay to mention him in my blogs.

Even with that endorsement, the blogs didn’t start flowing.  Like I said, there are lots of possible reasons.  It was a lot more than grouchy kids.  If I am completely honest, I guess it boils down to one factor . . . I didn’t feel like it anymore.  Until recently.

I have been rereading some old posts.  Mostly when the links come up in my memories on Facebook.  Over that last few months I have felt some writing urges.  I have started thinking in blogging terms; putting things as they happen in the framework of how I would describe them in writing.  I think it is time.

So every so often I will be back in this space filling you in on what is happening with my family.  I have lots of things to talk about.  Lots of things have happened since I stepped away from the blog.  I think this time I will change focus a little.  There will probably not be as much intimate discussion regarding the boys.  I will talk more about travel and leisure I will hit relevant topics and still try to share what’s going on with my family.  We will just get started and see what happens.

Thanks for reading and we will be back soon on This Side of the Diaper (seriously . . . like for real . . . I promise).






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