This Side of the Diaper is a blog based on my life experiences and my adventures with my boys as a stay at home dad.  I have three sons, Parker, Charlie and Eli.  Parker is grown and living with his wife in Omaha, Nebraska.  In 2001 Parker’s mother and I were divorced.  After a period of time living the bachelor’s life with Parker, I met and married my wife.  Then things got interesting.  We adopted two Charlie, 10, and Elijah, 5, at birth.  Just when I thought my baby chasing days were over, I was a Daddy again.

Charlie is Black and Elijah is biracial.  Being a transracial family is just one part of our story.  Cool things happen every day on This Side of the Diaper.  Check in from time to time and see what’s going down.

You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @DiaperSide.  You can also search for us on Huffington Post.  Thanks for your support.  I am looking forward to seeing you on This Side of the Diaper.

5 Responses to About TSOTD

  1. Kay Brenner says:

    May I use Charlie’s comment (you replied Bingo) as one of my random email sigs? It’s significant.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I read your story, I was adopted by white parents….its shameful that the woman in the store would question your ability to raise your child. Would love to skype and talk about my story with you, I live in orlando

  3. Angela H. says:

    I enjoy your stories and am glad you pulled through your ordeal.

  4. Lance-O says:

    Glad youre into reggae, Can I snail mail you a few things reggae

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